See The Most Unusual Women Who Model


The fashion world is notorious for being one of the most competitive industries in the world. There’s no doubt that a pretty face will always be in fashion.

If you have aspirations to become a model, then you are subjected to rigorous standards as to what a model should look like from height, weight, skin tone, and overall body measurements. Both men and women have tortured their bodies for the purpose of being a successful model, and have resorted to methods such as drugs and starvation. The modeling industry has been under heavy scrutiny for forcing models to look inhuman and society has come to the general consensus that models don’t look like normal people, and therefore, cannot accurately model clothes for magazines and designers.

But in the 21st century, there is a movement that has begun that is changing the face of the fashion industry for the better. This movement is all about body acceptance and the fact that every type of body is beautiful no matter the size, whether or not limbs are missing, whether a person is handicapped mentally or physically, etc. With the belief that the modeling industry should be a reflection of real people and not an idealized image of what the fashion industry thinks we need to look like, more members of society round the world are jumping on the bandwagon of this incredible movement. With the signing of unique models on a daily basis, someone in the higher ups of the industry is starting to listen.

In this video are some of the most unusual models ever. The people on this list go completely against the conventional perspective of the typical model. For example, 18-year old Madeline Stuart made headlines and stirred up the runway on New York Fashion week being the first model with Down syndrome.

She has been working consistently as a model for the past year of 2015 and continues to book work, making her an inspiration to many with special disabilities who want to reach for the stars. Her success is a prime example of the power of social media, as her photos went viral earlier in the year, earning her an invite to the New York Fashion Week runway.

Then we have the story of Kanya Sesser, who was born without legs. In fact, she was abandoned at a Buddhist temple when she was a baby because of her appearance. She was adopted by a family in Portland, Oregon and lived a normal life. Kanya currently makes over $1000 per day working as a lingerie model.
Or, say you have the ideal body type, but your eyes are crossed. That doesn’t mean that your modeling career is completely over. Take the story of Moffy as an example. She has the ideal body type and measurements, but she is cross eyed. Traditionally, the modeling industry would reject her because of this flaw, but today, she is starting to earn a living as a model.
There are more unusual models where this came from. Be sure to watch the video to learn more!