Facebook Post Leads To Arrest Of Goat Thieves


CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- Three people were busted for grand theft in Charlotte County following a Facebook post made by one of the alleged thieves.

In July, two goats were stolen from a Punta Gorda home.

“You never know if you are stealing from a future cop or a former crime scene technician or someone who even works at a correction facility,” said Ashley Handley, owner of the stolen goats.

Investigators say Taylor Grindle, Tyler Allen and two juveniles stole the goats right from Handley’s property.

“One of my friends was looking at one of these online yard sale websites and noticed these two goats for sale the same exact description as my goats, the same exact photos of my goats pretty much,” said Handley.

The post made by Grindle, looked almost identical to the photos of Handley’s goats.

“Once we saw the Facebook post, this person was asking $75 for both of them and I knew right then and there they did not know the value of these goats,” said Handley.

That post led Charlotte County authorities to the four people involved in the theft. Handley is now reunited with her pets.