Chris Brown Gets His Girlfriend Back In New Music Video “Anyway” : A Must Watch


Another day, another new music video from Chris Brown,

The “Anyway” music video opens with Chris’ on-screen girlfriend, the one he had sexed back to sleep in a previous video, waking up to a call from Breezy Boy and, after hearing what he had to say so late in the night, she gives him a “I’m tired of your sh*t, we’re done” response. Ouch!

The video then will focus on the newly-acquired single status of Chris’ “ex” girlfriend. She will finally be able to do something she couldn’t do in a long time: to hit the park to do some yoga with her lady friends. Out of nowhere though, a shirtless hunky black man will approach her and ask her out on a date, with her replying “yes”. When the time for the date at a fancy restaurant at night time comes, Chris’ ex, after waiting for the hunky man for a long at the table, will realize she’s been stood up.
She will immediately call her friends, and will join them at a nearby club. Who’s outside the club and spots her entering? Chris Brown of course! (nice plot). Once inside, Chris’ ex will notice there’s the hunky man who just stood her up flirting with some girl. And when she turns around to exit the venue, she sees Chris, who will suddenly start performing a cool choreography, and after a few seconds, the two will hug, and share a kiss. Awww! While already outside the club, the two reconciled lovebirds will encounter the hunky black man, and a strange Chris Brown (did you see his zombie eyes?) will punch the guy in the face, to the dismay of her girlfriend. Could this behavior be caused by the drug it was revealed Chris consumed in the “Fine By Me” video?